Swapping Ingredients

Recipes aren't set in stone, they're flexible, adaptable and can be made to suit your taste buds!

Oh boy, do I get asked a lot about ingredient substitutes. Everybody has food preferences, huge likes, dislikes and all sorts of dietary requirements that need to be met. How then, do you personalise a recipe?!

We've created two kitchen tools to help you become a master at ingredient swapping. 

1. A-Z Ingredient Swapping

Because we know you won't always have our book to hand, we've created an online A-Z guide that shows you exactly which ingredients can be swapped. Everything from Apples to Yoghurt.

You can check it out SwapShop Guide Here

2. Flexible Recipes

If you've got our cookbook, (you can get it here) you'll see that each recipe has three sections. Original Recipe, SwapShop, and Additions. We're showing you our original version and then suggesting how you can adapt the recipe and even take it further with the addition of another ingredient. Pretty awesome right? So with this built in a guide to personalising recipes you'll have endless variations at your fingertips. All you have to do is choose which ingredient to swap, and that's it!

Limahl Asmall

London, United Kingdom