What's cookin' good lookin'

Our cookbook contains over 60 budget specific recipe, a 28-day (4 week) price-checked meal plan, 100's of useful tips and a really clever Swappable Ingredient section for each recipe. So if you don't have an ingredient you can simply swap it for one of our suggestions and it will still taste delicious. Oh, and the weekly food budget? It's about £18.00 per person, (approx. £O.86p per meal).

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So what's the plan, man?

We've got big ambitions and want to get the cookbook into the hands of every low income individual and family across the UK. Our weekly mealplans are made to work on the smallest budget, but can be used by everyone. Soon, we'll be looking to work with charities to bring our work to communities across the country.

If you can suggest an organisation that might want to support us, get in touch.

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Is your mealplan really, truly free?

Yes, for the moment it's on a contribute what you can basis, or free if you need it... We want to give people the knowledge to cook a variety of healthy and delicious meals without worrying about money. So as long as you credit our work and don't profit from distributing it, it's all yours. 

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Give one Get one

As well as being a social giving project, here's something good. Each time someone downloads the free mealplan we will ask them to send a copy to a friend first, absolutely free.

Call it our positive bullying policy.

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Great, but can it really be done on under £1.00 per meal?

Yes, it really can be done on under £1.00 per meal. Simply use our price-checked shopping list and spend as little as £18.00 per person per week. Then follow our easy recipe plan to make delicious daily food at a cost of under £1.00 per meal*. 

*The costings are based on our four week mealplan for two people, where we divided the total spend each week. Please remember, this is a flexible guide to eating better, saving money and wasting less. It's not a race to the bottom, and not a race to spend the least. Food prices will change according to seasonality, demand and other global influences.

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We're talking meat though, right?

Yes, plenty of succulent meat dishes, and non-meat dishes too. We show you how to cut and cook meat to make it go further, and how to plan meals around one or two meats per week. There are recipes which use chicken, pork, beef, bacon and chorizo, (but not at the same time!).

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I live in Europe can your cookbook help me? Also applies to rest of world.

We're from the UK, and you're from .......somewhere else. Yes, it can help you, and thanks to the internet we can share our recipes and principles with a wide audience. Whilst the ingredients may vary from country to country, the approach to shopping and cooking will remain the same. It's totally flexible, and with the Swappable Ingredients section, you can tweak our recipes to suit the availability of ingredients in your neighbourhood.

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When is the French version coming out?

Mais Oui! Once the UK version is complete, Tiph will be working on translating it into French, so watch this space. So far we've had requests for German, French and Polish versions. We'll be working with these kind volunteers to bring out translations as soon as possible. If anyone fancies translating to other languages, please get in touch.

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I don't eat meat / certain types of food.

As above, the recipes can be tweaked to suit your dietary requirements. Lim was a vegetarian for 19 years and so try to cater for you too. There are plenty of veggie recipes, and where possible we suggest how to adapt a recipe to make it meat free. There are no gluten/dairy free options yet, but if you shout loud enough it just might happen.

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Do you provide price per portion?

This one baffles me. Per meal cost is a fairly useless measure for home budgeting as most ingredients will be used in more than one meal. To illustrate this point, let's imagine a recipe uses 3 ingredients.

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 Chicken Thigh

1 Cup Rice

We could say the meal is going to cost 52p in total. That's amazing right?! (4p for the olive oil, 38p for the chicken and 10p for the rice). It sounds amazing, but in reality, to get this price, you have to buy 750ml Olive Oil at £2, a pack of 7 Chicken Thighs at £2.65, and 1 kilo of Rice for £40p.

So that's £5.05 total, for a 52p meal.

The point is that per meal prices are completely misleading. The trick is to move away from per meal cost and work with a weekly budget. (Do the mealplans sound interesting yet?)

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Do you provide nutritional information?

Generally, we adopt an 80:20 rule, where 80% of what we cook is healthy, nutritious and balanced, and the other 20%, well let's just say sometimes we need to eat a pizza, or a bowl of crispy roast potatoes. We haven't included specific nutritional information as this is a flexible guide and we encourage you to adapt the recipes. But if you are cooking a varied selection from this cookbook you should be on the right track.

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Will you make a print version?

Yes. With the right team and the right publishers (whether charity or commercial), it will happen. We're currently working towards it and inviting organisations to help us achieve this. Drop us an email if you think you can help get this into production. 


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Can I print off recipes?

Of course you may! Sharing is caring, so feel free to print off recipes for personal, family and community use. Our intentions are to get these mealplans into the hands of everyone who needs it, whether on a low income or just learning to cook. 

If you can help us, please do. Spread the word, tell you friends, family, neighbours, hairdressers, colleagues, cat.

Let's make great food achievable for everyone. Xx

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