Buy One + Give One

Current Campaign (May 2017 - )


Our current giving campaign aims to support people using food banks by sharing our knowledge on planning, shopping and cooking on a tiny budget.

The beauty of this Buy one Give One campaign is that it directly multiplies each of your book purchases - meaning you personally improve the lives of people across the UK.

We're working with a leading charity to distribute the digital cookbooks to those who need it most - setting them up for a life of good food. 

So tell your friends, neighbours, colleagues, hairdressers, tennis partner's cat, and let's do some good! Xx

"every book you buy*, we'll gift a digital edition to someone facing food poverty." 


The number of three day emergency food parcels given to people across the UK facing a food crises  in 2016-2017 alone.

*During our first print run

Great food for everybody

Giving campaign (Sept 2016 - Jan 2017)


Our first giving campaign was a free meal plan & cookbook dedicated to anyone living on a low-income or facing food poverty. 

Between Sept 2016 and Jan 2017 our budget meal plans and shopping lists helped over 35,000 people across the UK to improve the quality of their daily meals.

Our project was named one of the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme's top debut cookbooks of 2016.

Oh, and it was applauded by Jamie Oliver!!

In 2016 we helped over 35,000 people eat better on a tiny budget

Food for thought

A few notes

My Mission


I'm on a mission to teach people that good & fresh, home-cooked food, is easy to make, fun and - most of importantly - can be personalised to your taste buds and food budget.

You'll be happy to know that with a simple kitchen, our revolutionary cookbook, and the confidence to give things a go, you will easily make delicious meals on the cheap!

I know first hand the challenges that come with having a small budget and have spent over 10 years crafting my way to food happiness.

Money needn't be a barrier to great meals, join me as I share my food secrets.

Limahl Xx

A unified approach to ending food poverty must include the sharing of knowledge.