The life-changing reason you should pack your lunch.

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The life changing reason you should pack your lunch

By Limahl Asmall

This article first appeared on Sarah Wilson's IQuitSugar website

Have you ever stopped to think how much that meal deal sandwich (even a cheap one) will cost you in the long run? 

Well, you might want to take a deep breath because this could be life-changing!

Over your working life, if you spend just £5 each day on lunch, you’re losing a massive £47,000 – to lunches! And that’s not even including coffee…

So what can you do about it?

Simply put, it pays to bring your own and beautiful packed lunches, full of flavour don’t have to be a chore. They’re better for your health, better for the environment, and far better for your bank balance. With a little planning, you can save some serious money. And don’t worry about eating out now and then, just bring your own most days and you’ll be smiling.

Follow these tips for cracking work lunches!

1. Check the weather.

Being prepared is key so take some time to visualise your week ahead and take into account the weather. You won’t want to be diving into fresh salads every day if it’s cold and raining!

2. Plan your recipes with your budget in mind.

Spend some time flipping through cookbooks and websites, collating a selection of quick and easy recipes. Keep a collection of your favourites on file for quick reference when planning your work lunches.

3. Cook once, eat twice.

A little extra effort in the evening can pay off, big time! Try cooking a little extra every evening so you have enough for dinner and lunch the next day. If you do this Monday to Friday, you’ll have saved yourself the time (and cost) of having to cook five additional meals. Trust us, it’s a million times better than any store-bought soggy sandwich too!

If you're interested to know how to plan meals, check out my full guide here.


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