How to save even more at the reduced supermarket section


Yellow sticker bargains are out there but you still need to shop smart.

By Limahl Asmall

Find out when Supermarkets reduce their goods

Love the feeling of finding reduced yellow stickers and gleefully snapping up a bargain or two, (or three)? All good in theory, but watch out for a couple surprises that could end up costing you more.

As you browse the reduced section ask yourself these three questions to make sure you're maximising your savings, and remember, it's better to proceed with caution, if you're unsure if something's safe to eat, simply give it a miss. 

Question 1: Is it on my shopping list?

It's too easy to get sucked into the idea of making a saving, and although that bright yellow sticker looks good, if it's not on the list and not going to be used then it's money wasted. Why buy extra groceries that you aren't going to eat? They will have a shorter 'use by date' and are likely to end up in your bin.

The golden rule: if it is on your list and looks in good shape, i.e no mould, damage or funny odours then lucky you. You've just found a bargain. 

Question 2: Will I use it in the next couple of days?

You've just found a bargain, but before you frolic to the checkout ask yourself when you're going to eat it. The key question here is 'will it last?' If it's fresh produce and you know you're going to use it within the next couple of days, then frolic away. If you need it in 6 day's time, it's best left on the shelf for someone else. 

Vegetables, fruit and baked produce are generally good for 1-3 days. Meat, dairy and packaged goods should have their 'use by dates' checked. 

Fish? please don't get me started on fish. If you want to spend the next 12 hours bent doubled with food poisoning then buy the reduced fish. Maybe you'll get lucky, but we certainly didn't.

Pork Ragu Spaghetti by Limahl Asmall

Pork Ragu Spaghetti by Limahl Asmall

Question 3: Can I freeze it?

This is where the real saving happens. If you can freeze it and plan it into a future mealplan you're on to a winner. But don't bother freezing any old ingredient, go for good quality, high welfare, free-range or even organic meat. We picked up a 2.4kg organic chicken for well under 50% discount recently as well as a couple quality beef joints and some pork mince perfect for this incredible Pork Ragu Spaghetti Recipe.

The best thing about freezing meat is that you can buy it with one day left on its 'use by date' and keep it frozen for up to 3 months in perfect condition. The only rule is to defrost it in the fridge over night and then cook it the next day.  So next time you see good quality meat going cheap, snap it up for later!


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