Review #02. Can you beat the supermarket for meats?


Can you beat the supermarket for meats?

By Limahl Asmall

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Did you know we are now buying more white meat than ever? In fact since 2017, white meat sales have exceeded the sale of red! So with the change in buying habits, is there a way to ensure good quality, good taste, good animal welfare and a decent price - of our favourite - chicken breast?

And are supermarkets the best place to buy your chicken anyway?

Tough question.

I thought it worth at least starting with the supermarket standard range in a bid to compare the offering of the 3 major players, and one wildcard company who appear to be challenging the supermarkets. 

It's good to mention that free-range and organic are arguably the best (at least ethically), but this review focuses on the most popular standard supermarket offerings!

P.s If you're up for a tasty weeknight chicken tray bake, Here's an easy and delicious recipe

So lets focus on the details. We're after Chicken Breast and want to know Price, Taste Reviews, and Ethics, and which out of these companies is leading the way.

This is what I found.


Best Price £6.00 /kg

Online Review 2.5/5 stars 

Ethics Statement Our British chickens are reared by trusted farmers in barns with natural daylight and bales.


Best Price £5.40 /kg

Online Review The supermarket giant do not have a star or taste rating system on their website.

Ethics Statement Our chickens are reared by selected farmers in spacious barns with daylight and bales to encourage natural behaviours and ensure their well being. Fed on a wholegrain diet for a succulent texture.


Best Price £5.79 /kg

Online Review 2.0/5 stars

Ethics Statement Our chickens are reared to high welfare standards in natural light by trusted British farmers


Best Price £5.40 /kg (when bulk buying 5kg)

Online Review 5/5 stars 

The only chicken breasts to be crowned winners in the entire history of the Great Taste Awards! (their words, not mine ;)

Ethics Statement EU origin. Reared in large, open, cage free barns. At least 56 days old at slaughter. No added salt, water or fillers. 


If you're looking to save money, Tesco and offer excellent value at £5.40 /kg. However, you would have to bulk buy 5kg of meat from Muscle Food to achieve this price which is perfect for some people, not for others. Mine came in a large pack which I have split into freezer bags and stored in the freezer.

Muscle Food does have one major bonus - their chicken breast won a Great Taste Award - it really does taste good, and there was no water seepage when cooking. If you can get over the macho name, MuscleFood is a good place to shop (if you're a meat eater).

I've put the link here to the chicken breasts.

The bad news for Tesco is that we have no way of verifying online if their meat is any good. (of course we can buy it and try it ;) They simply don't show a rating or star system. It does makes sense for a major supermarket to hide a rating system as it can back fire spectacularly - for example ASDA achieved a terrible 2/5 stars for their chicken breasts! Not so good.

Sainsbury's came in with an average 2.5/5 stars but was a little more expensive. 

To be honest, I was disappointed with the ethical information provided by all supermarkets. But then again, I wonder if anyone reads any of the blurb anyway!?  They appear to show the minimum info required to by law, and it all sounds like a variation of the same quote.

In conclusion, Muscle Foods could be a good challenger company to nudge supermarkets to get their act together and produce better quality meat. If you're keen on buying in bulk, Muscle Food is the way to go. Good quality and good price.

Have you tried, or have a second opinion to share?

Let us now in the comments below

Tender chicken breast in tandoori spice with roasted vegetables

Tender chicken breast in tandoori spice with roasted vegetables