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"...Tiny Budget's cookbook teaches you how to cook delicious food for     as little as £3.51     per day."


That's £1.49 per lunch & dinner + £0.53p per breakfast. nom nom

With week by week shopping lists, mealplans and easy recipes, you'll use up the fresh ingredients throughout the week and build up a cupboard of long-life ingredients! Cooking like this costs less, tastes incredible and with my clever ingredient swaps you can customise each recipe to suit your taste buds. 

Oh, and almost every meal cooks in 15-30 minutes,

That's clever cooking.


...all the way to tiny budget food happiness.


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Here's access to my online ingredient substitute tool. You can also download or print off the weekly shopping lists and find out when supermarkets discount their food. If you're just starting out use my kitchen essentials guide to find out what you need to cook well on a tiny budget. 

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